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[20:47] <diaX> hva slags virus er w32/partie.B ? noen som har en liste?
[20:48] <diaX> godt tegn at jeg ikke finner viruset der...
[20:59] <diaX> herregud... This is a parasitic polymorphic virus which will stay resident in memory and infect *.EXE and *.SCR files.
[21:01] <diaX> The temp file is not a regular executable program. It is a library of functions, a so-called DLL. This DLL attaches itself to the Explorer process in memory in order to remain memory resident. No viral process will be visible in the task list.
[21:01] <diaX> When a Pinfi-infected file is run, the virus creates a file in the TEMP folder. This file will have a semi-random name with a *.TMP extension, and the virus will call this file in order to create the main infection routine.
[21:08] <diaX> hehe... noen som har lyst p warez? Jeg har masse..

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