Please, think of the pillows.
Founded in June, 2000, MESED is currently one of the longest living, still active communities in Norway. Made up by friends with a common interest for gaming and having fun, MESED is about having a great time, not about winning. Og ja, Min Er Større Enn Din. Hallo Hallo.
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#275 Added by: Magne (2007-08-26) (1 kommentar)
22:30:35 < jonanders> så egentlig mest på svensk barnetv tror jeg
22:30:49 < jonanders> svensk barnetv og det som gikk mellom 6 og halv syv på nrk

#001 (#000060) posted by: vollerain (2007-09-09 (10:42))
I'm a HUST-University student from China.I feel so excited to have enjoyed your CS vedio show,presented in 2002 by oxygen,featured by [mesed]ulv,fisk,flyer,dyret,an interesting mischief rather than a professional exhibit for marksmanship,that I can't help to search you out on the internet.Now I know you are from Norway,and after viewing your album,I have to say it's a beautiful and peaceful country.And djur kollar inn l?get's(maybe) perfomance seemed so funny![img] P6260214.jpg[img]My [] reasons to be here are as following: 1)Did that man(Smil,or Mr. Eirk "Clinton" Jensen,may be.I've got his photo:[img] ulv_cigar.jpg[img]) [] sang in Norwegian?The pronunciation is similar with English,at least much more pleasing to the ear than Germany and Russian¡­¡­£¨^_^£© 2)I like the song,and I guess it's for a cartoon.So I¡®d like you to tell me the name of the song and the cartoon. 3)I have seen you are playing BF2£¬so do you play BF2142£¿They're 2 good games. You can communicate with me through my E-mail£º the way,your community needs improving,for I dont't know hoe to use some BBS codes,such as "Disscuz! ",to paste my signature.And I can't even find a distinct place to leave word.

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