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Founded in June, 2000, MESED is currently one of the longest living, still active communities in Norway. Made up by friends with a common interest for gaming and having fun, MESED is about having a great time, not about winning. Og ja, Min Er Større Enn Din. Hallo Hallo. Gamingbutikk med hyggelig priser
soccer and stuff! by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2004-10-08 (08:32) CET (2 comments)
w00t! well, scratch "and stuff". it's actually just soccer!
MESED will attend this years "ARTIGFOTBALL" (funnysoccer) in Østfoldhallen!
Our first game will be against the legendary team "Sånn passe solid". The game starts Sunday at 8 oh'clock at oktober the 10.. We expect that a lot of people will show up for this game, so if you want a good seat (or even a seat at all) - be there early! It's not every day you have a chance to see a game like this live!
Our lineup for the game will be: fisk, Infineon, Magne, oddbal|, rymored, X-qu, JT, Skydiver and jonanders! Since it's suppose to be seven players on the field and we are nine I figured we'll put fisk and X-qu on the bench moste of the time, while the big boys play ball :D
We're counting on you guys to cheer for us! Be there, be queer and remember: MESED has no fear - cus MESED eats a lot of dear!
#001 (#000255) posted by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111
gg skrivefeil @ siste ord
#002 (#000257) posted by oilshake MESED MEMBER!!!111
Enig der, gamle hjort.
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