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Founded in June, 2000, MESED is currently one of the longest living, still active communities in Norway. Made up by friends with a common interest for gaming and having fun, MESED is about having a great time, not about winning. Og ja, Min Er Større Enn Din. Hallo Hallo. Gamingbutikk med hyggelig priser
MESED Demo Repair Utility by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2004-01-11 (13:10) CET (1 comments)
w00t! I've uploaded a small program I created a few weeks ago to repair demos that crash the current build of counter-strike / half-life. The problem is a bug in the +showscores-command that creates an unhandled exception and makes demo playback impossible. The program removes all references to the scoreboard (so if you have a demo where the scoreboard gets in way of the action, this may also fix that). For more information, click through! The program is available at mdru.exe []

A small user guide:

The program is meant to be run in DOS (by starting up the command prompt). Run the program by giving it to parameters, the input demo-file and the output demo file. If you have a demofile called 'demo.dem' and want the new demo to be called 'newdemo.dem', you can do this by simply doing:

mdru demo.dem newdemo.dem

this requires you to have mdru.exe in the current directory or in your path.

If there is any questions, feel free to contact or msg me on IRC.
#001 (#000183) posted by ulv MESED MEMBER!!!111
He's so talented it isn't even funny! But then again. Is it?
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