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Founded in June, 2000, MESED is currently one of the longest living, still active communities in Norway. Made up by friends with a common interest for gaming and having fun, MESED is about having a great time, not about winning. Og ja, Min Er Større Enn Din. Hallo Hallo. Gamingbutikk med hyggelig priser
MESED goes to the cpl! by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2003-07-10 (22:23) CET (9 comments)
Counter-Strike Yes it's true! A sucky clan like MESED is actually going to cpl! So now we are praccing 24/7.. NOT! Our lineup for the event will be: fisk, dyret, oddbal| and me (jonanders). nVy also in our main-lineup, but it's not sure he will be playing with us, because he is going to the army and stuff :-| The main-reason for us going to cpl Copenhagen (Denmark) is to have a lot of fun, drink lots of coke and watch the progamers play "where it happens" instead of sitting back home in Norway, where it is cold and icebears is walking around in the street ;o
#001 (#000067) posted by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111
In addition, we're of course going for the victory. ph34r us, SK! .. we're the second confirmed and paid clan, btw.
#002 (#000068) posted by Alex oh yes
:D nice nice : )
#003 (#000069) posted by Magne MESED MEMBER!!!111
i'm impressed :--)
#004 (#000070) posted by icerox
Jon Anders: IKKE SÅ NEGATIV DA.. dere vinner dere...
#005 (#000072) posted by Lynzh
gl hf :)
#006 (#000073) posted by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111
Ærlighet, iCEROx!
#007 (#000074) posted by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111
ph34r us, SK? we're not going for 3rd place, fisk.. PH34R US, TEAM9!
#008 (#000075) posted by plaz MESED MEMBER!!!111
go pro!
#009 (#000213) posted by jonanders MESED MEMBER!!!111
we sure did :D
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