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Founded in June, 2000, MESED is currently one of the longest living, still active communities in Norway. Made up by friends with a common interest for gaming and having fun, MESED is about having a great time, not about winning. Og ja, Min Er Større Enn Din. Hallo Hallo.
IT'S BEEN ELEVEN YEARS by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2011-06-27 (22:53) CET (1 comments)
MESED And like that we've just passed our 11th year of operation. The occasion was celebrated as usual with bbq-ing, ultimate playing and a bit of quiet soccer. The weather: spotless.
Another Football Season for the Books by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2010-11-14 (22:46) CET (2 comments)
MESED We've just finished the three football games (soccer) of this year's "Fun football"-season. As usual we competed in group E (.. the worst), and almost as usual, we lost all three games (2 - 12, 1 - 15 and 4 - 7). We were however able to field more than seven players for each match, so at least we had a substitute player this year! One game we even had two substitue players! Yay for us!

We're ready for game on! next year, so as soon as October comes around we're back on the (indoor) field!
IT'S BEEN TEN YEARS! by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2010-06-26 (19:51) CET (1 comments)
A link! mareVEOLOUSS!!11 .. and it's been quite the ten years! Today we're online and alive for our tenth consecutive year. The whole shebang started at Millanium back in June 26th of 2000, featuring raiden, oddball, frohike and fisk. During the years people have joined and left, but we're still a core of 15-20 people.

This is my way of just saying thank you to everyone who's been around for these years and being part of quite a few memorable events!

We've played 470 matches on clanbase in those years, although it's four years since we played any ladder games (last in the BF2 infantry ladder). The last years have mostly been about a few not-too-serious tf2 tournaments (ok, all the years have been about the not-too-serious).

This is for another ten years!
Football for Fun 2008 by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2008-10-08 (19:13) CET (0 comments)
MESED We're alive and kicking in this year's Artigfotball, starting tonight! Since jonanders has gone all quisling on us, we're now left with just the top players! Three matches await, more details will come as we close in on november.
Team Fortress 2 Open Cup by fisk MESED MEMBER!!!111 at 2008-04-25 (08:26) CET (0 comments)
MESED The Team Fortress 2 Open Cup ( news_league.php [] ) is live and kicking! We're the only norwegian clan attending, so we'll do our best (riiight) to defend the national colors! Which means we'll probably have to play the red team every fscking single time.
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